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Like most, we would like to shed some pounds and inches. We have all heard of doctors telling their patients it is necessary to lose some weight and eat right for overall health and well-being. Orthopedic surgeons often times require their patients to lose weight before surgery so that the best outcome is achieved for that new knee or hip. At FYZICAL Oak Lawn, we offer a weight loss SOLUTION that will help you achieve your weight loss needs and whole-body wellness. We have several different programs based on your goals and how quickly you would like to lose the weight. We tailor a weight loss/lifestyle program that works best for your personal goals and budget. We have tried and true success as our owner and weight loss coach have both implemented this dietary program in their daily lives and have achieved amazing results.

In addition, we have a full line of nutrition supplements for the betterment of your health. Instead of reaching for prescriptive medication, it is our goal and hope to help you gain whole body wellness through natural supplements that our bodies need as we age.

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